Navy SEAL Experiences

Helicopter Jump with Dive, Snorkel or Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

(6AM - 2PM Daily)

1 hour prep/instruction, 4 Hours total for Navy SEAL helicopter experience.

Price for Helicopter jump - 1 Person $599, 2 people $1199, 3 people $1799, 4 people $2399 plus additional fees for water experience. Choose between snorkel, one tank dive, two tank dive or Discover Scuba Diver (DSD) for those without diving experience.

Navy SEAL Tactical Shooting

Come discover one of the most action-packed tours offered on Oahu, Tactical Gun Shooting with your own US Navy SEAL instructor. During this incredible, first class tour adventure you will receive a tour of the North Side of the Island, meet and train under a retired US Navy SEAL veteran and have an incredible opportunity to learn about and shoot from one of Hawaii’s largest selection of military pistols and rifles. Your adventure begins when your party enters a private estate called the Lazy L Ranch and shoot on a very secluded Navy SEAL style firing range. Here your US Navy SEAL veteran will orient and assist you in firing from the selection of 47 weapons including pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. This entire adventure lasts approx 4.5 hours. Call to book this amazing shooting experience.

Prices for Helicopter Transportation and Tactical Shooting 1 person $6,999, 2 people $8,999, 3 people $10,999, 4 people $12,999

Prices for Luxury Limo Transportation and Tactical Shooting 1 person $5800, 2 people $7000, 3 people $8200, 4 people $9400

Navy SEAL Helicopter Skydiving

The SEAL in Navy SEAL stands for SEa, Air and Land. Come experience the “A” in SEAL and fall out of the sky at terminal velocity! Live the SEAL thrill and excitement of jumping out of a helicopter at 10,000 feet and take in the beautiful breathtaking views above Oahu while strapped to your tandem instructor.

Prices for Helicopter Transportation and Skydive Adventure 1 person $4999, 2 people $6499, 3 people $8499, 4 people $9499

Navy SEAL Land Navigation & Survival (coming soon)

Exclusive Be a Navy SEAL for a Day!

This adventure includes all of the Navy SEAL experiences exclusively with one of our Navy SEALs. You will experience the helicopter jump and scuba dive, Skydiving, and Tactical Shooting. Come see what it’s like in the life of a Navy SEAL. It’s an amazing bucket list, once in a lifetime experience! Hooyah!

Prices for Navy SEAL for a Day - 1 person $15,000, 2 people $25,000, 3 people $33,000, 4 people $40,000