Meet your Dive & Adventure Team


Mr. Stephen Kaplan – Retired Navy SEAL.  Vast experience in leadership, managerial positions, department head of manning/equipment, and numerous qualifications in various supervisory roles to include military diving operations.  Deployed all over the world in various warzones and other overseas locations working cross-culturally and across various government agencies.  Spent the past 5 years as the Lead Diving Instructor for the SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE (SDVT-1) training seasoned Navy SEALs to become the world’s most elite combat divers.  Also, spent many years in several foreign countries working with host nation’s key leader counterparts, US and foreign ambassadors, high-ranking State Department personnel, military flag officers, and many foreign and US politicians/dignitaries.  Currently partnered with Jim Beck working with CBS Television Studios for the new Magnum PI TV series as their SEAL/Military Consultant as well as the hit TV series Hawaii Five-O as their SEAL/Military Consultant and occasionally function as a stuntman and/or actor. 


Mr. James Beck – Retired Navy SEAL with over 30 years of experience working in highly demanding environments.  Professionally trained in every skillset within Special Operations, and conducting 17 deployments worldwide. Collaborated with multiple government agencies including state and federal law enforcement agencies for various projects including protection details for three U.S. Presidents, one First Lady, and multiple Senators, Congressmen, Ambassadors, as well as multiple Foreign National Dignitaries. Dive qualified since 1990 with over 5000 dive. Holds military and civilian instructor/supervisor certifications in Open Circuit, Closed Circuit and Semi-Closed Circuit diving, Submersibles, UUVs and DPVs. Served as director for a Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Schoolhouse as a subject matter expert on Advanced Military Diving and Submersible Operations.  Current projects include,  a distillery in SOCAL producing Liberty Bourbon, and Integrity Group, a Military & Maritime consulting company, leveraged by CBS on Hawaii Five-O and Magnum PI.

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Mark Riegel - Boat Captain and Dive Master. Originally from Northern California Mark has lived in Hawaii since 1992. Most of his life has been spent working on the water. It all began at eight years old with skin diving after receiving a mask and snorkel as a gift. Six years later, he received his junior open water diver certification and has been diving ever since. It has been a blessing to work doing something that he loves and being able to share that with others. The best thing about diving is that even after a lifetime of experiences, there are still new adventures to experience each and every time! Mark is a stand up guy with a love and understanding of the ocean that is second to none.


Jason Harmer - Retired U.S. Army Ranger and Lead Instructor at Trident Adventures. Professional scuba instructor with multiple specialty instructor certifications. Jason consistently seeks out education in underwater exploration. He enjoys connecting with people, teaching, learning and talking story. He functions today as a full time Padi Dive instructor with emphasis and instructor certifications in: nitrox, wreck, deep dive, peak performance buoyancy (PPB), night, search and recovery, rescue, underwater navigation, equipment, DPV, and Emergency First Response. 


Neil Clay – Former Army Airborne Ranger, with four years with the 82nd Airborne Division.  Completed professional dive training in Key West, Florida and became a full time Padi Dive instructor with emphasis and instructor certifications in: nitrox, wreck, deep dive, peak performance buoyancy (PPB), night, search and recovery, and Emergency First Response Instructor.  Also graduated from technical school with certification as an AUP Open Circuit Technician, Visual Tank Inspector (VIP), Recompression Chamber Operator and a Meg 15 Rebreather Supervisor.  Since arriving on Oahu, he has run dive operations for two years, handling all aspects of dive business and operations, providing top quality customer service to Four Seasons, Aulani and Marriot customers with consistent 5-star reviews online.  Experienced in leadership position, leading from the front, and making sure all required standards and procedures are followed in order to facilitate high levels of customer satisfaction.


Christian Brocato – Lead Dive Master and dive manager at the Four Seasons Lagoon. As a military family member, Christinan has been surrounded by military professionals his entire life. The military lifestyle has given him the opportunity to explore the beauty of the world and its people from many countries, cultures and perspectives, which includes both above and below the ocean waters. Becoming one with the ocean and the sense of flying that scuba diving gives you, led him to become a PADI Dive Professional. He figured with over seventy percent of the world covered by ocean, he was missing out on a lot of beautiful and exciting adventures the underwater world had to offer by staying on shore. He excelled through all of his professional dive training and wishes to share his knowledge and joy with you in one of the safest, most beautiful and controlled environments in order to hone your scuba diving skills. He will assure you have an amazing adventure in the beautiful lagoons of Ko Olina where the water, fish, coral and shells are nothing short of unforgettable.