Discover Scuba Diver (lagoon) $189 - Single Tank Dive

Let’s go diving at the Four Seasons and Alani Lagoon! No experience needed, only a sense of adventure. Come learn the basics of Scuba Diving from our amazing Padi Dive Masters and Instructor staff. This is will be the highlight of your Hawaiian experience, all conveniently located in your backyard.

+Must be at least 10 years old


Snorkel Kat Rentals (lagoon) $52.00 per hour

This new invention is the perfect fit for those adventurers who want to experience the underwater world while riding on the comfort of a powered miniature catamaran. This neat floating chair offers a literal window from the surface to the underwater world while keeping your head high and dry. Perfect for children and those a bit uncomfortable in the water.


Bubble Maker (pool) $139

A kid’s dream come true! Come join us at the Four Seasons pool and breath underwater for the first time. This 1 hour adventure is guaranteed to be the highlight for a child’s Hawaiian experience.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday starting at: 8am, 9am, 3pm, and 4pm

+Must be at least 8 years old


Padi SEAL Team (pool) $150

Any Junior SEALs out there? Padi SEAL Team is the perfect fit for the kids! Just drop them off for 2 hours with our staff and we’ll train them in all the functions of a Scuba rig, how to put it on/off, and have them breathing underwater in no time! This adventure is hosted in the Four Seasons Pool and comes with an array of Aqua Missions.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday starting at: 10am & 12pm,

+Must be at least 8 years old



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